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Are you looking for like-minded souls? Who are consciousness and into self-development. Do you have a hard time finding the right connections on regular datingsites? Then 5Ddating is your tribe! 

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Gerre's love story starts on June 11, 2021 with 5Ddating. He didn't know what awaited him but, according to his words, the universe already knew. Gerre tells his story in ONE LOVE magazine. 

"Our beautiful son Finn was born on April 28, 2023 at ten to half past three. The result of our love ensures that a new age child has arrived. He is also there for a special reason. Just like I joined 5Ddating... Everything happens according to plan, the universe wanted it that way". 

Gerre and Jolanda from Belgium and The Netherlands

5D dating

5D Love Story

I was in a burnout when I joined 5Ddating in 2022 and Marije was overworked. We had our first spontaneous date July 2nd, a picknick in the park and swimming. Our hands immediately connected that day, and this year (2023) we did a hand fasting ceremony with our family and friends!

With 5Ddating you will meet like-minded people and someone who suits you much faster. Those other apps feel like a strange world. 

Jeroen and Marije from The Netherlands

5D dating

5D Love Story

In the summer of 2021 I unsuspectingly created an account on 5Ddating. And within a few days, cupid had a direct hit! Our first meeting was on August 8, the day of the Lion's gate portal, one of the happiest days of the year. 

From the moment we saw each other we felt a deep recognition, a fascination, our souls had found each other again. We experienced a feeling of joy and familiarity. And we actually didn’t know each other at all! We know: we belong together and we stay together. What we started in a past life, we build up in this life and finish together in the next life! 

So thank you so much for setting up 5Ddating, a beautiful love portal that we can recommend to everyone. 

Maarten from the Netherlands


What makes 5D dating different?

  • We ask more interesting questions to our members about lifestyle, spirituality, habits and values.
  • All our members are awake and conscious people and the chance you find love with the same values is big.
  • Though we are in a niche, the community is growing bigger everyday and we have some great love stories to share! 
  • You can stay a free member (NEW STAR) as long as you like! We even have the option to buy credits so you're flexible.
  • 5D dating is an international community: love has no borders! Everything is English, but you can e-mail us in Dutch as well.
  • All new profiles are approved manually, so we do everything to keep the community safe from dating scammers.
  • We take it slow! Quality is better than quantity, instead of speed dating we offer slow dating in our 5D Café.
  • 5D dating is not only for singles, but also for finding new friends and for open minded couples who like to connect. 
  • In our Manifest you can read our 5 Beliefs On 5D Earth And Relationships.
  • You get ONE LOVE magazine: your guide for the New Earth and Consciousness we are creating. With topics as the 5D new earth, mass ascension, self-healing technology and stories from starseeds.

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Your data is safe with us and you can unsubsribe anytime!
Your information is safe with us

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5D dating


5Ddating is for anyone who has always felt ‘different’ and not completely at home and is looking for like-minded people. Who you can talk to about death, extraterrestrials, relationships, sex, government, the meaning of life and why we are here.
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Our community founded 14-02-2021 is created for Awake Souls, Starseeds, Lightworkers, Game Changers and all Earth Angels! We offer you a save place where you can connect with like-minded souls. 5D stands for the Fifth Dimension.                           
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You don’t have to look for the answers outside of yourself, because all the answers are found within yourself. You are the creator of your own reality and know that freedom comes from within. At 5Ddating community we support all your dreams!

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Meet up in the 5D Café

A great place to be every Monday is our 5D Café! From from 8 pm (20:00 hours) until 9 pm (21:00). Eva van Zeeland is your host, and you're invited! This online meeting is for anyone who wants to connect with like-minded people.  We talk about daily topics and create time to connect with each other. When you join, you have a chance to win a 1-month free ONE LOVE membership! Make sure your webcam is turned on, so we can see your pretty face  ;  ) and don't worry, we won't record this meeting.

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