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Manifest: My 5 Beliefs On 5D Earth And Relationships

1. Remember Who You Are

We know deep down that we are all ONE and do not think in limitations. 5Ddating community is for everyone who wants to live from this unity and love with each other. Who wants to grow and learn from each other: giving and receiving in balance.

Living in abundance, freedom and unity. And discovering that all this is created from the inside out. All the creative power is within!

2. We Are The Crazy Ones!

5Ddating community is for anyone who has always felt ‘different’ and not completely at home and is looking for like-minded people. Who you can talk to about death, extraterrestrials, relationships, sex, government, the meaning of life and why we are here.

Someone who can embrace your weirdness! Who is consciousness and into self-development. You can be yourself completely and show your unique light to the world.

3. The Great Awakening

These are the people with whom we create a beautiful new world together: from 3D to 5D. From thinking human to inner knowing human. We see what’s really going on in the world.

We want to live outside the created matrix (that film is a documentary by the way) and together we create a beautiful new world. Where we believe in abundance, knowing that there is enough for everyone. The earth is increased in frequency and we humans transform with this vibration: from low density to high density.

We are convinced that we have the inner power to live a beautiful new world as a free, sovereign human being. Discover how you can raise your vibration by being positive and daily doing the thinks that makes you happy!

4. YOUniverse Inside

Taking good care of you is key! By choosing to nourish yourself with healthy food, time in nature, listening to what your body is telling you and living from your heart. Less thinking, more feeling!

You don’t have to look for the answers outside of yourself, because all the answers are found within yourself. You are the creator of your own reality and know that freedom comes from within.

At 5Ddating community we support all your dreams!

Onafhankelijke Pers Nederland

5. We Speak Our Truth

We speak our truth and are not afraid of criticism by expressing a different opinion. We speak out against injustice, embrace our weirdness and exclude no one (except fake profiles, spammers and scammers).

Rule 1 of the constitution is at the top of our list: Discrimination on the grounds of religion, belief, political affiliation, race, sex or on any other grounds is not permitted. We are non-political. We think for ourselves and will not be framed by the mainstream media.

You are not alone and do not have to search anymore! Welcome to the fifth dimension, welcome to 5Ddating community.

Eva van Zeeland