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Showreel Eva van Zeeland - Talk Show Host & News Anchor

Let's talk and work together! I can be your Talk Show Host, Moderator, Reporter, Motivational Speaker & Performer

I surround myself with people who believe in my dreams

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Expand your Awareness with Eva van Zeeland

Eva van Zeeland is your guide in the new earth and consciousness we are creating. She is in alignment with her own truth and essence and loves to inspire and motivate.

With her infectious enthusiasm and radiant energy she knows how to entertain her audience and put all guests at ease. 

Eva helps to expand your awareness and remember who YOU are. She will show you how to raise your frequency and have lots of FUN! 

Signature topics

  • Awakening & Ascension
  • Multidimensional Contact
  • Dating & Relationships
  • Being Your Authentic Self
  • Natural Health & Fertility
  • Burlesque & Show Dance Workshop
  • Performance with Isis Wings


Biography Eva van Zeeland

Eva has a background in Wellness, Marketing and Orthomolecular Medicine and with her experience in this field has inspired suppliers, supermarket chains and entire organizations to think and add more honest organic and sugar-free products to the shelves.

In addition, as an experience Expert and Lifestyle Coach, she helps couples who want to have children to restore natural fertility. For this she made the video series 'Getting Pregnant Together' in which nine couples were followed for a year.

In 2017 Eva followed the Women's Soul Coach training at Soul Institute for her own transformation process and deepening her coaching qualities. This resulted in a complete makeover for the corporate identity of Miss Natural with a new logo and concept.

Eva has been a passionate entrepreneur for over 15 years and owner of Miss Natural Lifestyle since 2011. Before that, she was active in the fitness and wellness industry for 15 years, specializing in marketing, communication, concept development and branding. She studied HBO sports management (commercial economics) and also did an aerobics instructor training. In 2005 she won the National E-mail Marketing Award for the best e-mail campaign. As National Marketing Manager, she was responsible for marketing and communication for 20 clubs at the world's largest fitness chain Fitness First for over 5 years.

In the period 2007 – 2012 she was co-owner of WellPro Group BV, which includes the organizations WellPro BV, a consultancy for fitness entrepreneurs and WellnessClub BV, a network of 150 fitness clubs. She and her then partner successfully sold these companies in the summer of 2012.


Marketing, PR, Graphic Design
Lifestyle Coach, Mentor & Advisor
Concept Creator & Developer
Entrepreneurship & New Business Development
Content Creation, Social Media & Video Editing

Sander de Bruijn -

Entrepeneur, Invester, Business Coach

"Eva has been a wonderful partner to work with!"

For more than 10 years I worked with Eva van Zeeland. From 2001 - 2006 as colleagues in marketing and sales for the biggest healthclub chain in the world. And from 2007 - 2012 as business partners in the fitness and wellness industry with our own two concepts; WellPro and WellnessClubs. Eva has been a wonderful partner to work with! She is the professional in marketing, online and offline, and is always willing to help others and go the extra mile. I would most certainly recommend Eva to do business with and look forward working with her in the near future.

Daniella Picus - Head Major Accounts at Crown Equipment Corporation

"Her ambition and enthusiasm are infectious"

Eva is a real power woman, a woman of her word, a great lifestyle coach and versatile entrepreneur. Everything Eva touches turns to gold, her ambition and enthusiasm are infectious. Eva is a true professional when it comes to online marketing, design, customer loyalty and lifestyle trends. Working with Eva is guaranteed success!

Some Highlights to Remember

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I love to dance through life!

Eva likes to dance through life and wants to experience balance and freedom. She knows how to use all facets of her femininity and goes for all her passions, wishes and unfulfilled desires. Eva wants to get the most out of life simply because she can and she feels her best when she can create and inspire! As a lifestyle coach she has helped thousands of people on their way to their natural lifestyle for over ten years.