Eva: The Journey From my Head to my Heart
01 oktober 2022 

Eva: The Journey From my Head to my Heart

Staying positive in uncertain times full of lies, confusion and alienation. Almost daily I get the question; "Eva, how do you stay so positive? There is so much going on right now. I get so anxious from all the media and news coverage. I feel insecure about the future for myself and my children. What will the new measures be? What other freedoms are being taken away? Where is all this going? Will there be a beautiful new world? How do you keep faith in the future? I don't see it anymore.

Eva van Zeeland interview 2020

Choosing love above fear

Of course I also struggle with different emotions that go through my head and then body like a roller coaster. Uncontrolled, frightening and profound. It is precisely the intention that you allow all these emotions and above all do not put them away. Feel how your body reacts to certain images, words and stories. Describe what you feel; do you feel confusion, do you feel fear, do you feel anger, do you feel powerless? Where do you feel this in your body? When have you had this feeling before in your life?

Put yourself first!

The most important thing is to put yourself first and take care of yourself. As a mother of three young children, own business and home business (read household) I know this can be a challenge. I'll tell you what I think is important in my life and hopefully you can take advantage of that to experience more balance in this uncertain and also exciting time in which we live now.

Interview by Monique Appels

Over de schrijver
Eva likes to dance through life and wants to experience balance and freedom. She knows how to use all facets of her femininity and goes for all her passions, wishes and unfulfilled desires. Eva wants to get the most out of life simply because she can and she feels her best when she can create and inspire!
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